Strategic Documents

Places Matter! Design Review has been operating in the Northwest for over four years and has looked at the full range of development proposals from masterplans to detailed designs for individual buildings and spaces intended to form part of a planning application. We have also been called in to look at strategic documents that support a more coherent approach to development, intended to avoid the kind of piecemeal interventions that can cause long-term physical, economic and social barriers for communities and local economies.

Places Matter! operates a dedicated service to comment specifically on strategic documents including Local Development Frameworks (LDFs), Core Strategies and Supplementary Planning Documents. Crucial in determining the vision and future direction of our towns, cities and neighbourhoods, it is important to get these policies right from the outset. The team at Places Matter! are able to draw upon the independent skills and expertise of the Northwest Design Review Panel to provide appropriate, informed and constructive feedback on these documents.

For further information on please contact Places Matter! Design Review by emailing or calling 0151 703 0135.