Freedom of Information

In November 2000 the Freedom of Information Act received Royal Assent. The Act, which became fully operational on 1 January 2005, applies to some 100,000 public authorities, including the Northwest Regional Development Agency, from whom Places Matter! receives funding.

The Act provides you with greater access to all types of recorded information held by public authorities and imposes obligations upon them to disclose requested information. There are, of course, areas where exemptions apply. These can be found at

The Freedom of Information Act allows 20 working days to provide a response.

Any requests for information under the FOI legislation should be forwarded in writing to

Places Matter!
Unit 101 The Tea Factory
82 Wood Street
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or email

It should be noted that the disclosure of personal information will continue to be governed by the Data Protection Act 1998.

For further information on the Freedom of Information Act please visit